Fraser River British Columbia Canada, Spring flooding eg.

Spring Flooding in Fraser Valley, BC

Spring Flooding in Fraser Valley, BC have brought woes to the residents, with silt build-up grounding the local float homes.

Floating islands to the rescue in the Maldives

Government of Maldives and a Dutch company embark on a project that many hope will be the solution to an...

Homes That Float: Toronto’s Tiny Refuge From Urban Living

​Want to escape the bustle of downtown life? For some, nature’s tranquility is right here in the city. BY MEGAN MARRELLI •...

Float community clears hurdle

Float community clears hurdle

​JENNIFER THUNCHER / SQUAMISH CHIEF OCTOBER 5, 2016 10:55 AM PreviousNext A mixed-use proposal, including float homes, has hit council’s table....