Q: What is a float home?

A: Unlike a houseboat, a floating home has no propulsion power of its own. They are merely buoyant platforms or rafts that are docked, plugged in to the electrical grid and receive water and sewage service.

Q: Are float homes suitable for year-round residence?

A: Yes, float homes are suitable for year-round living, in fact the float homes at Bluffer’s Park built to R2000 standards and are fully insulated (better than most homes).These float homes are well equipped with electricity, heat, A/C, and water; some even have fireplaces. and heated floors! Furthermore, their concrete hulls require no maintenance and will not rust.

Q: How does sewage work?

A: The float homes are designed with appropriate marine hookups for water, electricity and sewage. There is a septic holding tank under the home that needs to be pumped out once every two months. “Pumping Out”, is a fairly easy task that can be done by the owner or the Marina (for a small charge). A hose is attached to the outside of the float home and then to an attachment on the dock, the pump is turned on and the septic tank is emptied.

Q: Is electricity included in the mooring fees?

A: No. Electricity is metered and billed separately to each float homeowner, as is normally the case with renters in houses and apartments.

Q: Are float homes damaging to the environment?

A: No, float homes are not damaging to the environment! All sewage is stored in a sealed, holding tank embedded in the concrete hull of each of the float homes. When the tank needs emptying, a leak proof hose with a sealed coupling device is connected to the holding tank. From here it is pumped directly into the municipal sewer. The system ensures that no sewage spills into the lake or onto the land.

Q: Is there a lot of maintenance on a float home?

A: Float homes are similar to houses on land. There is regular maintenance that needs to be done. The bright side is that there is no lawn to cut!